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Release Date: September 2, 2019
Last Updated: November 2, 2020

September 2, 2019


As our customer base and usage continues to grow, we are further investing in our security solution to get it even better and robust. Since our last announcement, we’ve heard a ton of feedback from our customers regarding support for unity 2019.2 and app life cycle improvement. So the team has come up with this new release to support your requirements. We’re excited to announce that we have released a new version – Try out these new updates now.
As always we would suggest upgrading to the latest revision in your release series.

What’s new in AppSealing version
Released on 2nd Sep 2019
Welcome to the Sep 2019 release of AppSealing’s new version In this release (v2.18.0.0) we have included the following features and enhancements:

New Feature

  • Security module will support Unity 2019.2

AppSealing keeps enhancing its versions which will keep supporting Unity’s latest updates. Our latest security version will support the newest Unity 2019.2 version which has 170+ new features and enhancements.

Improvements and Fixes 

  • App. life cycle improvement (#2)
    Following the previous version which improved the App’s life cycle. The new version is stable in terms of the app’s life cycle and the occupancy rate of CPU is decreased to 5.94 % while in the background mode. The Improved ratio was assessed on Galaxy 6 Edge with a specific game app using AppSealing.
  • Security module initialization speed improved
    After running the app, AppSealing security module’s initialization time shortened to 2.3s which was tested on a Kyocera Urbano V02(kyv34) device with a test app.
  • Fixes app closing and rerunning when the screen turned off
    Fixed a problem that the app shuts down and restarts in 3 to 15 minutes if the screen is automatically turned off or the user turns off the screen while the app is running

This release is recommended for all users and is a free update to all existing AppSealing customers and subscribers.
For all owners of previous versions, you can access the latest version by logging in and upgrading your version through AppSealing Developer Console (ADC).
We’re always here to help! If you come across a problem, want to provide feedback, or require support, you can get in touch by email (support@appsealing.com).