A leading O2O company saves millions in referral money hacks using AppSealing’s app security service


The O2O client offers referral rewards to its customers through its mobile application. However, it faces a challenge in the form of stopping unethical users to hack the application to fraudulently claim referral money. In order to create rich customer experience, the applications allow users to login using strong authentication like OTP, single sign on or social ID, however instead of OTP users tend to use single click login which in turn allows the hackers to exploit the application features by posing as new users using emulators and, thus, claim the referral money. Hackers usually cheat Android IDs of users’ devices using the access offered by rooted devices or Android emulators, which are easily available on the Internet. Emulators allow existing users to pose as new users at a specific interval of time and thus claim the referral money.The challenge lies in ensuring that the O2O application runs on the user’s mobile device reliably and offers login defense against emulators and rooted devices.


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