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AppSealing Pricing
Unlimited Free TrialYou can try our services for as long as you want. Once you are satisfied, you can subscribe to our premium models.
AppSealing Pricing
Free Below 15K MADsYou can use up to 15,000 MADs per month.
AppSealing Pricing
Cap at 15 million MADSPricing is capped at 15 million MADs per month.

Robust application security with simplified pricing structure

Number of Monthly Active Device Price per Monthly Active Device
Free Below 15K MADs
15,001 ~ 100,000 $ 0.014
100,001 ~ 500,000 $ 0.002
500,001 ~ 1,500,000 $ 0.0011
1,500,001 ~ 15,000,000 $ 0.00012
Cap at 15 million MADS

We offer an enterprise plan for larger accounts. Get in touch for details.

  • Dedicated Support Manager
  • Custom Pricing
  • Integration to CLI tool
  • Onboarding through API

Always know what you’ll pay.

Appsealing Pay-as-you-go plan

Estimate your AppSealing fee based on your app performance.
Estimated AppSealing fee

$ 0


How are Monthly Active Devices (MADs) calculated?

MAD is defined as count up the total number of unique devices which have activity in your app each month.

What is included in the free trial?

The unlimited free trial includes all our security features. You can try them as long as you wish.A text message will displayed on user screen device. Upgrading to the full plan removes it.

What if I decide to cancel AppSealing?

If you no longer wish to use AppSealing, you can cancel at any time by publishing your game without AppSealing protection. This way, we won’t count the MAD from the unprotected release.

Is the solution compatible with all devices?

We have our own pool of test devices, and use the crash reporting function to proactively solve compatibility issues.

Does it increase the APK Size?

The size increase depends on the initial application file size. Most of our Android users see an average increase of 2~4MB. And when it comes to iOS, it increases about 1MB.

Does your solution supports offline environment?

Yes, it protects the application even in offline environment.

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Using AWS corporate account?

Access AppSealing platform and pay directly through AWS Marketplace at an affordable rate of $0.014 per monthly active device(MAD’s).

Access AppSealing platform directly through AWS