Only pay for what you should


per Return Device, US Dollar

Only pay for what you should



per Return Device, US Dollar

Returned Device

A device playing your game more than two days within a week from its first play.

One time charge

Each Returned Device is charged only once through the whole game lifetime.


30 days free

Once your game is released, the first 30 days are free of charge.

Free < 3,000

Free to use up to 3,000 Returned Device per month, every month

Cap at 150,000

Pricing capped at 150,000 Returned Device per month.


Pay-as-you-go Plan

Get started with the unlimited free trial. Upgrade to the full plan whenever you want.

Enterprise Plan

Customized pricing, Dedicated account manager and support, Integration to CI tools.

Pricing Simulator

Estimate your AppSealing fee based on your game performance.

Note: Calculations are based on the game performance of our current users.
The calculated estimations do not represent future billing.

*15% is the common 7 days Retention Rate to produce acceptable revenue for a mobile game.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Returned Device?

Unlike Monthly Active Users (MAU), Engagement is the leading indicator of users’ interest and retention in a game.So, Returned Device measures the devices that has run your game for at least two days within the week after the first launch.

What is included in the free trial?

The unlimited free trial includes all our security features. You can try them as long as you wish.A text message will displayed on user screen device. Upgrading to the full plan removes it.

What if I decide to cancel AppSealing?

If you no longer wish to use AppSealing, you can cancel at any time by publishing your game without AppSealing protection. This way, we won't count the Returned Device from this unprotected release.

How often will I be charged?

We bill once a month around the 8th. Bills can be paid by PayPal or credit card.