Enterprise Data Encryption Solutions
To Protect Data and Mobile Apps Business

Exposure of sensitive data could lead to major reputational and revenue losses.

Take control of your data more proactively and build an end-to-end data encryption for mobile apps.

Complete protection of sensitive data

Cover a whole host of sensitive data like authentication tokens, passwords, unique identifiers etc.

Robust encryption to protect data without ANY CODING

Leverage top-notch data encryption services / architecture with minimal efforts and whitebox cryptography for mobile apps

Be compliant ready

Data encryption solution which is compliant-ready to address all industry security standards & government regulations such as PCI DSS, GDPR and HIPAA…

Modern encryption algorithms at your service

Explore modern techniques to handle authentication, integrity and illegitimate access issues

Encrypt Data in Minutes without ANY SDK INTEGRATION

It is as easy as 1-2-3 to implement, doesn’t interfere with predefined workflows:

Securely build, deploy and iterate whitebox algorithms to protect sensitive data for Android Apps

Leverage AES 256 encryption, the strongest encryption standard in the world for 100% coverage of all attacks vectors

Mobile App Security powered by no-code, advanced data centric encryption and whitebox algorithms

Get seamless, rapid and robust data protection and encryption for your mobile applications through features like:

All-encompassing whitebox encryption

Strongest and robust Whitebox AES 256 & FIPS 140-2 encryption covering all Android mobile devices, softwares and operating systems

Proactive data encryption

Runtime protection features for Assets/Resource in Android, Encryption keys, API keys, Authentication Tokens, Sensitive user data and Gaming resources

Easy & End-to-End support system

Support features for legacy Native file I/O interface (Native fopen, fread, fwrite, fseek)

Comprehensive data encryption for global banks, fintech’s and other industries to meet variety of business needs including:

Mobile app usage has grown and sensitive customer secrets, logins, passwords are at risk of being in the clear for attackers to grab. AppSealing Encryption solution can help maintain privacy, confidentiality and data integrity.

Prevent data exploits and Be compliant

Let your customers confidently undertake transactions while you shield their structured and unstructured data from the outside world

Protect sensitive information

Keep cyberattacks away from your applications through strong checks & tamper-proof mechanisms

Defense against cyberattacks of varied nature

Protect your data against brute force attacks, malwares and ransomwares among others

Build your business confidently

Unique Encryption solution to Secure data in any state, protect regulated or critical data resources — in transit, at rest and in use

Turbocharge your data encryption requirements with AppSealing

Starts from $99/app/month. No Commitment. No Credit Card. No Strings attached

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