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Developers spend months making their mobile game only to see it hacked within hours. AppSealing wants to change that.
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Here's what AppSealing supports

AppSealing supports

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It's all about your revenue and reputation

No one likes to get stolen from. Not protecting your game exposes you and your game to significant risks.

Revenue loss

Why sharing your revenue with hackers?

Game integrity

Keep ownership and control of your game assets.

Brand reputation

Your brand is your identity, protect it from usurpers.

Security-as-a-service, for Android and Unity mobile games

We make our technology well integrated to game development tools and accessible to all Android games built with Unity. Learn more.

Full protection

Patented security technology for guaranteed protection


Compatibile with the most popular mobile game developer's tools

Friendly pricing

Unlimited free trial and free up to 3,000 Returned Device

Easy and scalable

No setup or service to host, convenience and scalability of the cloud

Service and support

Outstanding support, always available when you need it

Security services that's actually enjoyable to use

Simple and convenient, you will enjoy using our Developer Console.

Stop wasting time integrating SDKs.

With an easy use-it-when-you-need-it approach, ensure timely releases with complete security.

ADC Sealing service
CI architecture

Automate and integrate security into your development lifecycle

Mature game studios love our solution, easy to use with Continuous Integration (CI) tools, such as Jenkins.

Protecting your game becomes seamless and it allows you to focus on your game development.

Protection for mobile games made simple

AppSealing was built to be developers friendly. Protect your code within minutes.

Tag your code

Mark the critical code blocks to protect from reverse-engineering and tampering.


Upload your APK to activate AppSealing protection.


Your APK is now protected and ready for download and distribution.

Unlimited free trial. No credit card required.