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iOS App Security

Get your iOS Application Secured by simply integrating the security solutions with your code!

No impact on App Performance
No impact on App PerformanceAppSealing does not have any effect on the usability and performance of your app. We ensure that the additional level of security doesn’t affect the memory, CPU, battery usage or even the FPS.
Provide Essential Security Function
Provide Essential Security FunctionApply major security features including Jailbreak Detection, Integrity protection and anti-debugging.Get secured ALL at Run-time.
Mobile game engine supports
Mobile game engine supportsAppSealing is compatible with most common game engine Unity on mobile platforms. (Unreal engine will be supported soon)

Apply Scalable and Continous Application Security for iOS Apps

iOS app developers face several restrictions from App Stores, and hence, iOS Application Security always becomes a task.
With AppSealing’s SDK based solution apply robust application protection to your iOS Apps.
You can use AppSealing’s SDK without any impact on the build pipeline.

Powerful Application Security Solutions

AppSealing provides powerful features to protect your apps.

Jailbreak Detection

Jailbreak Detection

Provide the same level of security as a pure environment, or block the apps from launching in the jailbroken device.

Integrity Protection

Integrity Protection

Through hash validation for app components and modules, the amount of maintenance required in maintaining the integrity control within the application over time is reduced.



Block unauthorized external processes! Through anti-debugging techniques, a program detects if it is running under control of a debugger.

Scalable Threat Analytics Dashboard

With unique metrics and smart visualizations, Never miss a gap in your security posture with AppSealing's threat analytics data. See your apps full environment with our monitoring dashboard and make informed decisions on issue remediation.

Threat Analytics Overview
Threat Analytics Overview
Visualize how hackers are trying to bypass your application business logic using known and unknown hacking methods.
Hacking Detection
Global Actionable Insights
Global Actionable Insights
Unleash the power of your hacking data and see where your application is popular amongst hackers
Active Devices
Hacking Information
Hacking Information
Get detailed information on monthly hacking attempts from which your application was protected.

Looking for On-premises infrastructure to secure your
mobile apps?

Harness open, flexible, and secure on-premises infrastructure solutions to unlock your App Security Strategy.

Extend Tools and Services you already use

JenkinsAutomation server to reliably build, test and deploy software
TeamcityBuild management and continuous integration server
CrashlyticsThe most powerful, yet lightest weight crash reporting solution
ApteligentSecurely monitor your game with Apteligent
SmartBeatMonitor your game securely using SmartBeat
UnityUnity a 3D development platform empowers you with all you need to create, operate, and monetize

Optimized for the Mobile Environment

Support for the offline environment
Support for the offline environmentEven if you are offline, your apps will always be protected.
Compatibility with global devices
Compatibility with global devicesWe solve compatibility issues proactively using the crash reporting function by testing our own pool of devices.
Compatibility with third-party library
Compatibility with third-party libraryEnsure compatibility of your software applications with mobile app performance measurement, crash-collection libraries, etc.

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AppSealing prevents money leakage in a real-money mobile-gaming platform

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