Hybrid AppSealing for Android

Fixes Fixed an error when applying Hybrid AppSealing to React Native app. Fixed sealing error issue by failing to get React Native version when the apk is built with multi dex. How to apply the ...

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Android AppSealing

New Features Supports Android App Bundle Android App Bundle Sealing Service has been started officially and Beta Test has been closed. The new version supports – Unity 2020.2 Unity has been ...

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Upgrade To The iOS AppSealing

Improvements Support Unity 2020 iOS AppSealing version supports the Unity Engine 2020 version. AppSealing is constantly updating to support Unity’s latest engine versions. Please ...

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Upgrade To The AppSealing Hotfix

Improvements Security for Unity IL2CPP enhanced Encryption and real-time integrity monitoring for Unity IL2CPP have been enhanced. Rooting detection enhanced Rooting detection security function ...

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