Android AppSealing

This new version supports Xamarin and improved stability compared to
Release Date: June 22, 2022
Last Updated: June 22, 2022

June 22, 2022

Latest Version

New Features

  • Support Xamarin
    • Apps built with Xamarin can apply AppSealing.
  • Support Unity engine 2021.2
    • AppSealing v2.26.0.0 supports compatibility with Unity’s new engine v2021.2 Mono.


  • SSL Pinning Protection
    • Preventing SSL pinning bypass, the hooking framework used for dex hooking has been blacklisted for packages.
      FRIDA, Objection Framework, Xposed, Cydia Substate


  • Enhanced security for AAB Dynamic feature
    • Code protection for ‘dex’ and ‘so’ in AAB packages with dynamic features has been enhanced. (Exceptions: Dynamic Feature Encryption does not include Instant Modules.)
  • Enhanced AAB dynamic functional integrity verification function
    • Integrity verification for ‘dex’, ‘so’, and ‘AndroidManifest.xml’ in AAB packages with dynamic features has been enhanced.
  • Added end-user message localization
    • Added support languages for displaying end-user messages when hacking attempts were detected. : Japanese, Chinese (Simplified, Traditional), Indonesian, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese, Portuguese (Europe, Brazil), Spanish (Europe, South America), German, French, and Russian.
  • Enhanced dex code protection
    • The defense against attacks using tools such as ‘BlackDex’ to extract the original dex of the app has been enhanced.
  • Added a function to check whether the permission to obtain application information has been granted
    • Added ability to kill app if QUERY_ALL_PACKAGES permission is not granted when targetSdkVersion 30 or higher app is running on OS 11 or higher device.


  • Enhanced Rooting detection
    • Enhanced security for Magisk 24.3 or lower Zygisk-based rooting environment.
  • Improved AppSealing loading delay
    • AppSealing module’s initialized speed has been improved from AppSealng v2.25.0.0.
  • Improved hacking tool delayed detection
    • The issue of delayed detection of installed hacking tools in AppSealng v2.25.0.0. (detection improved from 25 seconds to 5 seconds)
  • Improved Sealing compatibility
    • Fixed an issue where sealing fails for apps with no launcher activity specified in the AndroidManifest.xml file.
  • Improved crash and ANR
    • Fixed crashes and ANRs in version
  • Improved ‘UnsatisfiedLinkError’ exception handling
    • Improved handling of ‘UnsatisfiedLinkError’ exceptions that occur when loading AppSealing modules on Android 10 and above.

How to apply the new AppSealing version?

Professional and Enterprise plan customers are able to choose Android AppSealing security versions on AppSealing Developer Console (ADC) or CLI supporting DevOps.
– Sign-in to ADC and select the security version
– CLI: set parameter as “-service_version″


We’re always here to help! If you come across a problem, want to provide feedback, or require support, you can get in touch by email (

This update is recommended for all users and is a free update to all existing AppSealing customers and subscribers.