AppSealing’s deprecated versions supporting Android and Hybrid app security

Release Date: October 12, 2020
Last Updated: November 9, 2020

October 12, 2020


As the dependency of the AppSealing security for the Android app occurs due to changes in the Android OS platform and the technologies used by the customers, deprecations are announced for security versions where features and functionality are no longer available.

If you are using the deprecated version, please check the alternative version that is compatible with the features and is constantly receiving technical support, so please prepare for the update until the service ends.

However, to make these transitions as easy as possible, we deprecate sealing versions for a period of time before removing them. This gives you time to update or move to an improved alternative to the deprecated versions.

AppSealing is committed to protecting customers’ apps and end-users from malicious attacks.

Please check the end of technical support, service removal, and the alternative version of the Android and Hybrid AppSealing Deprecated version.
The table below is a list of deprecated AppSealing versions and release information.


Related InformationReleased DateEnd of Service Life
Android AppSealing selective Dex encryption for a specific app2020/05/06
Nov. 30th, 2020 compatibility with Firebase2020/02/21 for better app performance2019/11/28 time reduced2019/11/07 security module for better game process lifecycle2019/10/18 error of multi-process2019/9/25 crash on a specific device (SM-J200G)2019/11/18 app restart & crash2019/10/31 crash and ANR2019/09/18 for Java app2019/9/4 AAPT22019/08/21 of security module size2019/07/29 bugs Google app signing support module2019/05/16 macro blacklist2019/05/04
Hybrid AppSealing
Secure Webview code protection by secure Webview2020/05/19Oct. 14th, 2020


Alternative AppSealing Versions
VersionInformationReleased Date
ver. and higher2.20.0.0 and higher versions contain all the enhancements in the lower versions and it is compatible with Android OS 112020/09/23