Upgrade To The AppSealing Hotfix

Strongly recommended to apply this new version for Unity IL2CPP customer and other customers also struggling with rooting devices. We never stop improving AppSealing Solution. Every new release has security patches, bug fixes, and new or changed features that assure security and stability for your apps.
Release Date: April 28, 2020
Last Updated: November 2, 2020

April 28, 2020



  • Security for Unity IL2CPP enhanced
    Encryption and real-time integrity monitoring for Unity IL2CPP have been enhanced.
  • Rooting detection enhanced
    Rooting detection security function enhanced against attacks circumventing rooting detection security function on Magisk and other rooting tools.

This hotfix is recommended for all users and is a free update to all existing AppSealing customers and subscribers.

How to apply the new AppSealing version?

Professional and Enterprise plan customers are able to choose Android AppSealing security versions on AppSealing Developer Console (ADC) or CLI supporting DevOps.
– Sign-in to ADC and select the security version
– CLI: set parameter as “-service_version”

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