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AppSealing APK Sealing strives to balance innovation and stability to secure the customer’s app and the end-users from malicious attacks. Sometimes, functions and features become obsolete and need to be removed or replaced so that AppSealing security service can stay current with new best practices, changing dependencies, or changes in the Android OS platform and key technologies customers are using. Due to the big technical changes on Android 10, we would like to announce deprecated APK Sealing versions. To make these transitions as easy as possible, we deprecate sealing versions for a period of time before removing them. This gives you time to update or move to an improved alternative to the deprecated versions. Please check all the details about the deprecated version and the available alternatives to that. These deprecated sealing versions can still be used, but should be used with caution because they are scheduled to be removed entirely as shown below. You should work to remove their use for your apps. To help you future-proof your apps, AppSealing team will support deprecated items until they are removed, and the deprecation gives our customers time to plan for removal and shift to improved alternatives. The following table lists all deprecated sealing versions, organized by the release in which they are candidates for removal:

Deprecated Version Related Information Released Date End of Service Life Removal date
2.10.5 – Security logic enhanced – Fixes crash occurs on Android O 2018/06/07
2.11.0 – Security for apps built by Unity Mono enhanced – Supports Unity 2018.1 – Fixes sealing error occurs when dex encryption disabled 2018/06/26
2.12.1 – Supports non-game apps – Crash report functionality improved – Fixes crash while version updating – Fixes sealing error occurs on Java only apps 2018/08/02
2.12.10 – Supports 64bit APK for a specific game app 2018/09/20
2.12.17 – Fixes errors while Sealing deploying 2018/10/22
2.13.0 – Security logic enhanced – Fixes crash occurs with Android O 2018/10/31
2.12.13_multidex – Fixes error while multi-dex APK being sealed 2018/11/07
2.13.4_custom – Security module resource optimized – Fixes crash while app in the background activity – Compatibility with X86 devices improved – Security function/status report improved 2018/11/27
2.13.5 – Hacking detection logic and messages improved 2018/12/07
2.13.6 – Supports google signing for non-game app – Loading time for security logic initialization improved – Resource usage of security logic improved – Hacking detection/message exposure logic improved – Stability of security logic improved – Encrypted Unity DLL execution optimized – Compatibility with mobile devices in Japan region improved 2018/12/17
2.13.7 – Security module exception handling logic improved 2019/01/08
2.13.8 – Support Unity 2018.3 2019/01/08
2.13.9 – Fixes crash occurs intermittently when the app exits after outputting a root-detection toast 2019/01/09
2.13.10 – Security module stability improved – Fixes crash occurs with Android O 2019/01/24
2.13.11 – Fixes error where sealing fails 2019/02/01
2.13.12 – Security function report module stability improved 2019/02/25
2.13.13 – Security module exception handling logic improved 2019/03/18
2.13.14 – Fixes to run the app in BackGround 2019/03/19
2.14.0_Epic7 – Supports 64bit for a specific game app 2019/04/11
2.13.18 – Fixes error while sealing deployed to the non-game app 2019/04/11
2.13.19 – Fixes error where sealing failed for some apps using array type resources in certain situations 2019/04/11
2.13.12_custom – Fixes bug causing while background switching on certain devices. 2019/04/19
2.13.20 – Supports Unity 2019.1 2019/05/03 – Fixes MQTT chat server connection error 2019/05/10 – Macro app blacklist added to sealing version 2.13.10 2019/05/14 – Fixes Google app signature related error in a specific game 2019/05/14 – Fixes Google app signature related error for the whole app 2019/05/16 – Removed SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOWS Permissions 2019/05/21 – All 64bits app supported 2019/06/27 – The custom version can detect and prevent the current active cheating tools- — Gamegaurdian — Magisk tool — blocks installed multi-space apps (Only this version) 2019/06/27 – Blocks app execution in virtual space 2019/07/04

Alternative AppSealing Versions
Version Information Released Date and higher versions AppSealing`s version and higher versions keep the lower version`s improvement. Note) – Install-based virtual space app detection in AppSealing is replaced to behavior-based detection from, and higher version. 2019/07/24

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