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Devsisters Kingdom is a subsidiary of Devsisters: a gaming company and publisher. The flagship IP is Cookie Run, owned and operated by Devsisters. Devsisters Kingdom is currently servicing a mobile RPG, “Cookie Run: Kingdom”, based on the Cookie Run IP.


Mobile games face various threats from hacking and threats such as reverse-engineering, tampering, and cheat tools. Specifically, Devsisters Kingdom continues to perform the following while servicing “Cookie Run: Kingdom.”

  1. Prevent attacks from numerous cheat tools that can cause chaos in the game’s economic system and structure.
  2. Ensure that it is possible to enjoy the game in Android emulators for PC for players who prefer playing the game on a computer while simultaneously securing the game for PC environments, which are much more vulnerable to hacking attempts.
  3. Protect Cookie Run: Kingdom’s Unity-based game client and block reverse-engineering attacks.

While having the app secured, Devsisters Kingdom had to lower the resources used to apply and maintain security, and also needed to ensure that the security functions worked both domestically and globally.


AppSealing, the SaaS-based app security service, helped secure “Cookie Run: Kingdom” by:

  1. Making it quick and easy to apply and enforce security without writing a single line of code.
  2. Provides CLI tools that allowed Devsisters Kingdom to secure and publish the app without disturbing the existing CI/CD pipelines and workflows, minimizing external security software management resources.
  3. Provides OTA updates against cheat tools Such updates can be applied in real-time and help secure the app from various cheat tools. In addition, it ensures that Cookie Run: Kingdom runs safely on Android emulators for PC, resulting in increased satisfaction for players of the game



Through AppSealing’s robust security service, Devsisters Kingdom is able to service “Cookie Run: Kingdom” while minimizing concerns about hacking. It was also possible to minimize the churn rate that may have resulted from users leaving the game due to imbalances created by such hacks and cheat tools. Additionally, by supporting safe gameplay via emulators, Devsisters Kingdom was able to secure high user satisfaction and loyalty from their players.

AppSealing is an Inka Entworks solution powered by AWS. It is a trusted mobile app security solution trusted mobile app security solutions provider for Android, iOS and Hybrid apps. It guarantees robust, scalable protection for apps with zero coding features. From gaming and movies to fintech and eCommerce, our solutions offer protection against known and unknown threats for applications across industries. Get in touch with us today for runtime app security with threat analytics on attack vectors, code protection, real time monitoring and easy to use compatibility with third-party tools without compromising app performance.

Govindraj Basatwar, Global Business Head
Govindraj Basatwar, Global Business Head
A Techo-Commerical evangelist who create, develop, and execute a clear vision for teams. Successfully created a SaaS business model with multi Million Dollar revenues globally. Proven leadership track record of establishing foreign companies in India with market entering strategy, business plan, sales, and business development activities.