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App Forgery
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App Forgery

Forgery includes any piece of code introduced into a corporate mobile app without the user’s knowledge, which would lead a third party to gain control of the entire traffic initiated by users who install the same app on their devices, and interact with those users. In the current mobile world, with all its implications on everyone’s personal and professional lives, installing and using a compromised app, whether hacked or a complete forgery developed by cyber criminals, represents one of the highest risks for the users and one of the worst risks of reputation loss for companies.

There are certain steps an organization can take to mitigate the risks of forgery and hacked mobile apps. Creating a solid and rigorous screening process to avoid inviting the Trojan horse into a mobile app, most advisably in cooperation with an IT security audit specialist. Implementing rigorous controls for handling timeout sessions will automatically log out users at the moment when the server detects lost connection with the device. Releasing firmware updates to all users whenever the IT department discovers a potential vulnerability and a patch is ready is another important step in neutralizing forgery.