Job Description

INKA Entworks Inc. is looking for a mobile security software developer to join our Mumbai office.

We’re looking for a mobile security software engineer passionate about innovative products, agile development methods, trust, and experience on scale-up of a product via teamwork.
As a mobile security software developer for the AppSealing team, you will have a full understanding of the security technology and code of legacy products and keep identifying errors or crashes, contributing to get the code and product better.
You will closely work with the core security team in South Korea, product management, QA, tech. support engineer to get AppSealing product and service run properly.
You will architect, develop new security technology sets to keep our security robust, and respond and propose the best technical resolution to any potential security loopholes identified.

Job Responsibility

  • Refactoring legacy codes for better code quality
  • Debug codes when crash or error occurs and patch security software
  • Integrate code from multiple sources and co-develop with developers in overseas
  • Lead team to respond properly to resolve any tech. support request
  • Architect and develop anti-hacking/tempering cyber-security for mobile application
  • Develop methods, techniques, and tools to perform robust security more effectively
  • Develop or/and debug legacy codes in C/C++, Java, assembly, machine code, and other languages
  • Perform reverse engineering, disassembly of code, and forensic analysis
  • Perform vulnerability analysis and contribute to the identification of security weaknesses
  • Develop and document software, applications, and other code using Agile development and other industry best practices

Required skill and experience

  • 5+ years of experience in cyber-security for mobile application (iOS/Android)
  • Strong understanding of Linux/Android OS
  • Experience in the development of mobile platform software using C/C++
  • Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Computer Science or commensurate experience
  • Experience with IDA Pro or similar tools
  • Experience analyzing software binaries
  • Deep knowledge of software and data security schemes
  • Strong communication skill sets with multiple stakeholders in multiple regions

About Us

AppSealing is a wholly-owned subsidiary of INKA Entworks, the world’s leading multi-DRM content protection provider, with several global patents and customers including Devsister, Paytm, MPL, Kotak, and Asiasoft. INKA Entworks was founded in 2000, with headquarters in Seoul, Korea with and regional offices in Mumbai, India, and expanding to offices in North America and Europe.

AppSealing has taken INKA’s nearly two decades of content protection experience and applied it to the challenge of protecting mobile games and applications from cheating and fraud attacks by hackers. AppSealing is the leading content protection solution for mobile apps and games, and AppSealing currently protects over 50 apps and games from hackers, cheating, and fraud.

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