Job Description

As our Customer Community Manager, you will be responsible for identifying and creating opportunities for like-minded groups or individuals to engage with each other. You will be engaged with customers in the Omni- channel world, educate and evangelize on behalf of our customers, and our cloud-based SaaS solution. You will be responsible for driving engagement to support customer health, retention, and growth, as well as ensuring our customers are passionate and reference-able AppSealing advocates. It will demand high levels of engagement and persuasiveness and will play a pivotal role in creating impactful communities that make work better for our members.


  • Execute strategy for outreach, attracting, and onboarding new customers. Maintaining and improving customer health, retention, and growth by automating key communications in the customer lifecycle, including Onboarding, Usage, Adoption, Growth, and Retention. 
  • Create engagement and builds relationships with the community
  • Ensure conversations are created and moderated
  • Facilitates and identifies new companies in the technology ecosystem which can be supported.
  • Assists in the attraction, retention, and growth of SAAS products..
  • Own customer success funnel metrics including customer success qualified leads (CSQLs), ROI from advocacy programs, and SaaS (negative!) churn metrics. 
  • Help engagements and build community, by ensuring engagement on social media platforms and traditional platforms.
  • Collaborates with incubator programs, accelerator programs, workspace solution facilities, other startup facilities, and programs to establish and expand strategic partnerships
  • Build and maintain a community calendar and work closely with all stakeholders (internal and external) for seamless execution of planned activities.
  • Manage the day-to-day interaction with the customer and 
  • Provide support to cross-function by ideation, acceleration, investment, and scale-up stage.
  • Work with Sales to generate demand from the customer base via cross-selling and upsell opportunities
  • Develop, execute and own an operational and engagement strategy for the entire community. Provide continued strategic guidance to entrepreneurs in business modeling, sales, marketing, financing, fundraising, overall strategy, operations, etc.
  • Be the switchboard for entrepreneurs to access relevant resources and connections.
  • Foster community engagement and engage with under-serviced populations to find ways to increase the use of the solution/product.
  • Align communication with brand personality and culture.


  • 2+ years of setting strategy for customer community development, identifying growth and retention initiatives, and leading advocacy and referral programs in SaaS 
  • Knowledge of and demonstrated thought leadership related to current and next-generation community engagement best practices
  • 3+ years experience in account management, community management, online marketing, or equivalent with a focus on the customer experience
  • Solid working knowledge of Freshworks, Zoominfo, BI tools, and other customer and marketing automation systems. Knowledge of customer success platforms is a plus point.
  • Strong written, verbal, and social media communication skills are required. 
  • 4-year degree in business, marketing, or equivalent MBA degree required.
  • Enthusiastic and energetic team player with proven cross-functional skills
  • Successful track record with email marketing, phone calls based outreach, Linkedin marketing etc.
  • Experience in CRM

About Us

AppSealing is a wholly-owned subsidiary of INKA Entworks, the world’s leading multi-DRM content protection provider, with several global patents and customers including Devsister, Paytm, MPL, Kotak, and Asiasoft. INKA Entworks was founded in 2000, with headquarters in Seoul, Korea with and regional offices in Mumbai, India, and expanding to offices in North America and Europe.

AppSealing has taken INKA’s nearly two decades of content protection experience and applied it to the challenge of protecting mobile games and applications from cheating and fraud attacks by hackers. AppSealing is the leading content protection solution for mobile apps and games, and AppSealing currently protects over 50 apps and games from hackers, cheating, and fraud.

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