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With a lot of research, testing and development over the months, we are pleased to announce our Real-time hacking Data Stream service is lived for our customers. All our customers can get immediate metrics and visibility into the real-time threat level their mobile apps are facing, allowing them to quickly mobilize resources to respond.

When a hacking attempt is detected, a response occurs instantly and detailed information such as the region, mobile device, hacking tools, and techniques and hacking trial cycles are analyzed once a day and the data displayed on the dashboard. 

The speed of detection, investigation, and response are essential for effective security. Traditionally, organizations have struggled to meet these metrics due to a lack of resources and prioritization of an ever-growing number of alerts. AppSealing changes the game by solving both problems. So the Newly added Real-time hacking data stream service monitors, detects and analyzes hacking event data from the last 6 hours to the present enabling customers a simple view into their application’s threat exposure and the ability to rapidly prevent the most critical threats in their environment.

Key features and benefits of Real-time Hacking Datastream service include:

  • Live data streaming for instant hacking detection and response
  • Hacking data attribution map
  • Able to identify hackers by the advanced search function 
  • Ability to monitor hacking data stream in LiveOps of customers through API (Available for Enterprise plan)

To learn more about Real-Time Hacking Data Stream please log into AppSealing Developer Console.

Govindraj Basatwar
Govindraj Basatwar
Govindraj is a Global Sales Head for AppSealing at INKA Entworks. He keenly follows the innovation and development in cybersecurity, IT, content and application security, and software development, and loves to educate everyone about the what, why, and how of major incidents in the cybersecurity world. His views on industry trends and best practices have been featured in articles, white papers, and had been a keynote guest at multiple security events.

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