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Out of the classic About page, I’d like to talk about the story behind AppSealing existence and I’ll start with my personal story with games.

The StarCraft period

About one of the most famous Real Time Strategy game on PC

Starcraft BroodWarI love StarCraft. And I mean both the first edition with its expansion Broodwar and StarCraft II. This title represents everything I like in games. Set your strategy, grow your economy and army, fight your opponent and eventually win the battle.

At that time of the first edition of StarCraft, I remember meeting friends, setting LAN and spending whole nights playing. It was really fun.

I also remember that sometimes, when playing alone against computer, I would use some cheat codes. Those codes are now famous in the gaming industry, and for StarCraft there was of course a very popular one.

Show me the money

This code would basically grant you with instant free resources (mineral and gas).

Wake-up call

Understanding the value of a video game

It was great having that many resources that fast to build my army. But…there was a problem.

While I was able to dominate and win over the computer with this extra income, I lost the fun of winning. There was neither glory nor sense of achievement to win while cheating. Simply put:

Cheating removed the fun

That was the starting point for me to understand the value of doing things right. The other proof of this statement was the Korean e-sport scene. Ten years ago, e-sport simply didn’t exist except in Korea. This country really made it possible thanks to an incredible enthusiasm for StarCraft.

I am now a fan of the Korean StarCraft proleague and when thinking about it, I realize that it is all possible because in games just like in regular sports, players are training hard to reach high level of performance. Every single episode of cheating is severely punished because without control or protection against these, that would be the end of the game.

People will follow you if they trust you. And building trust requires a fundamental base, the sense of security. For the gaming industry to keep growing, it simply mean there is a need for protecting games from cheating.

A trusted service in content security

Understanding the value of digital content

Trust and security are fundamentally tied together. And this is upon trust that we have provided security services and built strong relationships with our customers for over a decade.

AppSealing is a venture of INKA Entworks, a globally recognized leader in antipiracy technology. Today, INKA Entworks solutions and services can be found in virtually all digital content distribution mediums from mobile games and applications, to digital streaming, movies, music, and online education.

With over 14 years of security experience, INKA Entworks is one of the only five companies authorized to provide DRM technology for some of the most important film production companies.

Learning from this experience, INKA Entworks created AppSealing as a response to the rampant piracy and hacking threats that the mobile gaming and application industries are facing.

It all start with the name. Obviously, the “Sealing” name originated from the idea of protecting applications from external threats.

AppSealing logo sealSimilarly, we had to come up with a logo that reflect our naming. Again, the logic choice here was to use a wax seal. But having just a wax seal felt empty. Also when talking about security and hacking, the environment suddenly become cold and threatening. So, because we have that history and experience with the movie and entertainment industry, we wanted to keep our product joyful and pleasant even in the dark times when your games get hacked.

Well, this is the gaming industry after all!

From securing movies to protecting your mobile games

Or the reason we are here

We now have over 14 years of experience and we have developed close relationship with major players of the entertainment industry, and more specifically movies. We are talking about stories, personas, decor, landscape and so on. Well, we are talking about creativity.

We believe that developing games is a honest creative work and just like for movies we believe that you take pride entertaining your players. At the same time, we understand that Game Developers and Publishers don’t want to spend their precious hours dealing with digital security.

And that’s why AppSealing exists. To take care of the security details so you can focus on building and making your game successful.

Govindraj Basatwar, Global Business Head
Govindraj Basatwar, Global Business Head
A Techo-Commerical evangelist who create, develop, and execute a clear vision for teams. Successfully created a SaaS business model with multi Million Dollar revenues globally. Proven leadership track record of establishing foreign companies in India with market entering strategy, business plan, sales, and business development activities.