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In pursuit of vitalizing mobile games industry by supporting small & medium-sized game and app developers.

June 5th, 2015, Seoul, Korea – INKA Entworks (CEO Sung-min Ahn), a company specialized in digital contents security, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Seoul Business Agency (SBA) on 28th (Thursday) of this past month to pursue vitalization of the mobile games industry through active supports for small- and medium-sized companies that develop mobile games and applications.

As a result of this MOU, INKA Entworks will offer AppSealing (, its security service for mobile game apps, at no cost to the small- and medium-sized game developers residing in SBA’s “Seoul Game Contents Center”, and continue work together with SBA.

Since small- and medium-sized game developers must utilize most of their resources AppSealing officeand capabilities in the actual development of games, they have often failed to invest, or even be interested, in the aspect of security. Thus, signing of this MOU is expected to allow these companies to focus solely on games development and reduce concerns on security of their products, resulting in better, more improved games and services.

Ahn, CEO of INKA Entworks, stated, “I am extremely satisfied in signing this MOU with Seoul Business Agency to be able to support small- and medium-sized game and app development companies…we will continue our pursuit in vitalizing and developing the games and mobile games industries through active exchanges and cooperation with SBA.”

Meanwhile, INKA Entworks has garnered a great level of praise around the industry by holding a seminar on 2nd (Tuesday), talking about mobile games security for companies residing in SBA’s Seoul Game Contents Center.

AppSealing video snapshotAppSealing (, a mobile game security service based on a cloud system that offers a strengthened protection for mobile game apps, was launched in 2014 by INKA Entworks, an expert in digital contents security that possesses not only technological competitiveness globally but also a long history of service experiences in the digital contents and copyrights protection industry. AppSealing offers reinforced security service tailored to mobile game apps and has focused on protecting against hacking and subsequent violations of digital content copyrights in the global mobile games industry and also providing the optimum security service for a stable operation of contents.

SBA, a public agency conducting projects to support the growth of small- and medium-sized corporations in the city of Seoul as well as creation of job opportunities, has been incubating 18 games development companies at “Seoul Game Contents Center”. In addition, it performs a variety of activities including facility and development support and provision of international services.

Govindraj Basatwar, Global Business Head
Govindraj Basatwar, Global Business Head
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