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AppSealing supports 64 bit apps from today

Secure your 64-bit Android apps in run-time with our latest version which is available from today!
Security for 64-bit Android Apps: what it means for developers
From Aug.1st updates or new release won’t be allowed by Google play store if app. does not support 64-bit architecture. So getting 64-bit apps ready is a priority for you and to secure the apps we have tested our security features which will support 64-bit architecture. Start testing 64-bit apps with the new release using AppSealing Development Console (ADC).
New features and capabilities-:
AppSealing supports MQTT
MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) is a publish/subscribe messaging protocol for constrained Internet of Things devices and low-bandwidth, high-latency or unreliable networks. It was designed as an extremely lightweight publish/subscribe messaging transport and is being used widely for mobile applications, sensors communication, home automation, and small devices because of its small size, low power usage, minimized data packets, and efficient distribution of information to one or many receivers.
Other Improvements + Fixes
  • Improved crash detection and analysis of AppSealing security module. It will be helpful to detect and analyze better how and where the crash occurs.
  • App.lifecycle on Galaxy Tab S2 improved
  • Fixes compatibility with Google signature verification for Apps built by non-unity/unreal engine
  • AppSealing no longer requests system alert window privileges.
We look forward to seeing you testing 64-bit apps with the new release.
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Govindraj Basatwar
Govindraj Basatwar
Govindraj is a Global Sales Head for AppSealing at INKA Entworks. He keenly follows the innovation and development in cybersecurity, IT, content and application security, and software development, and loves to educate everyone about the what, why, and how of major incidents in the cybersecurity world. His views on industry trends and best practices have been featured in articles, white papers, and had been a keynote guest at multiple security events.

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