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Without security measures, mobile apps can get hacked.

Mobile Games

With over 100 different types of mobile game cheat tools available today, mobile game hacking has become the new reality.
Using cheat tools, even ordinary users can easily bypass payments or manipulate game data.
Professional hackers distribute balance modified MOD game apps and create illegal servers or copycats by analyzing the source code obtained by debugging and decompiling.


Unlike traditional financial services, fintech takes advantage of a wide array of new technologies to create innovative services and simplify the authentication process.

Security gaps created in this process are targeted by hackers who attack various sections of the network where data exchange takes place and attempt to steal payment information or process illegitimate payments.

Criminals try to hack the trading platforms and steal large amounts of cryptocurrency or attack digital wallets storing it.


Due to the nature of these services relating offline and online, they often deal with the user’s sensitive personal information, and this information tends to be managed within the application.

Hackers analyze the code of the app and steal important personal information processed by it, or deliberately inject malicious codes to disclose the user’s information without their consent.

They also cause confusion in the market by hacking an O2O service manager app, manipulating the algorithm that matches the consumers with service providers, then deploying it as a standalone app.

Case Study

Importance of Security


Company A provides a call service connecting taxis with passengers in real time. The passenger selects a destination and calls a taxi. According to the Company A’s algorithm, the request is sent to a nearby taxi. Once the request is accepted, the taxi and the passenger are connected.In this case, if the taxi driver uses a special app, the driver can automatically filter passenger requests and choose to serve only long-distance passengers or only passengers in a particular area. This type of illegal app works by hacking the standard app, obtaining the protocol transferring the call information, analyzing and filtering the contents of the call, creating a call acceptance pattern, and automatically sending driver approval when the conditions are met.

In reality, such an app allows drivers to refuse passengers, supporting the idea of profit without fair competition, which has an adverse effect on the development of the call taxi market.

Govindraj Basatwar, Global Business Head
Govindraj Basatwar, Global Business Head
A Techo-Commerical evangelist who create, develop, and execute a clear vision for teams. Successfully created a SaaS business model with multi Million Dollar revenues globally. Proven leadership track record of establishing foreign companies in India with market entering strategy, business plan, sales, and business development activities.
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