Mobile Application Security at affordable cost!

AppSealing Pricing Old
15 Days Free TrialStart with a 15 day free trial of all advanced security features then choose the plan that's right for you. No infrastructure investments or security staff/coding required.
AppSealing Pricing Old
Integration using CLI toolEmbed application security to your DevOps pipeline enabling your teams to move quickly, with the assurance of security in every release.
AppSealing Pricing Old
Security Expertise & SupportAccounts supported by a dedicated team. Global support through multiple channels like helpcenter, calls, email.
AppSealing Pricing Old
Deployment Flexibility for speedy releasesAccess to multiple security versions to build stable and more secure apps before deployment. Speed up application releases to block critical attacks

Robust application security with simplified pricing structure

Free Trial

15 Days Free Trial

Access all the security features to test your app for 15 Days. No credit card required. Upgrade Anytime. No Commitment.

  • No credit card required
  • Sealing via ADC (“Trial” Sealing only)
  • CLI for DevOps (“Trial” Sealing only)
  • Multi Sealing Security Service
  • Uploading App Size: 250MB


Starts From $129 per app

Protect your app with minimal cost and no additional infrastructure, resource or coding effort required

  • Sealing via ADC (Release)
  • CLI for DevOps (Release)
  • Multi Sealing Security Service
  • Tech Support: Helpcenter
  • Uploading App Size: 250MB


Custom Pricing

Meant for larger accounts for which we provide scalable pricing models and volume discounts for all our enterprise customers.

  • Access to all Professional Plan features
  • Tech Support: Helpcenter, Email, Chat
  • Data Service via API
  • Custom Pricing
  • Uploading App Size: 250MB

Every Plan Includes

  • Dex Encrytion
  • DLL/SO Encryption
  • Root/ Jailbreak Detection
  • Emulator Detection
  • Network Sniffing Detection
  • Anti-debugging
  • Anti-decompling
  • Memory protection
  • Threat Analytics Dashboard
  • Integrity Protection
  • Cheat Tool Detection
  • Code Protection

Professional plan- Estimate Cost per MAD's per app

Monthly Active Device Price/MAD
Upto 15k $ 129
15,001 ~ 100,000 $ 0.01400
100,001 ~ 500,000 $ 0.00364
500,001 ~ 1,500,000 $ 0.00102
1,500,001 ~ 3,000,000 $ 0.00031
3,000,001 ~ 10,000,000 $ 0.00024
10,000,001 ~ 30,000,000 $ 0.00019
30,000,001 and above $ 0.00015

AppSealing Professional Plan Simulator

Estimate your AppSealing fee based on your app performance.


How are Monthly Active Devices (MADs) calculated?

MAD is defined as count up the total number of unique devices which have activity in your app each month.

What if I decide to cancel AppSealing?

If you no longer wish to use AppSealing, you can cancel at any time by publishing your game without AppSealing protection or configure app service status to “OFF” on Settings of ADC. This way, we won’t count the MAD from the unprotected release.

How often will I be charged?

We bill once a month within 7 days of the next month.

Does your solution supports offline environment?

Yes, it protects the application even in offline environment.

What’s included in the 30-day free trial?

You get unlimited access to all security features for 30-days. Once tested and satisfied you can move on to one of our paid plans.

How will I be charged on the Professional Plan?

You will be charged a fixed fee of $129/app/month for up to 15,000 MAD’s. The professional plan includes all security features with release sealing mode.

What is the file size limit for the trial?

You can upload up to 250 MB file size.

Will I get access to security API for the professional plan?

No only enterprise customers get access to Data service through API.

If I have 2 apps that I want to protect so will you charge me $129 for 1 app or 2 apps?

You will be charged $129 per app/month if you have MAD’s up to 15000.

I have 1 app in android and iOS version how will you charge?

You will be charged $129/app/month for 1 version if you have MAD’s up to 15000.

How do you charge when i move to any paid plans?

We charge you on the same calendar month when you start your paid plan. You start at any date of the month you will be billed at the end of every month.

Ready to protect your app?

Start 15-days FREE TRIAL. No credit card required. Deliver Secure Mobile Apps Faster in minutes with the leader in application security.

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Using AWS corporate account?

Access AppSealing platform and pay directly through AWS Marketplace at an affordable rate of $0.014 per monthly active device(MAD’s).

Access AppSealing platform directly through AWS