CyberSecPhil Conference

CyberSecPhil Conference

Booth No: #11

The Fifth, Rockwell, Philippines

24th to 25th Jan 2024

The CyberSecPhil Conference 2024 (CSP2024) stands as a premier gathering designed specifically for security professionals spanning multiple sectors in the Philippines. This conference serves as a pivotal platform for engaging in profound discussions, addressing industry challenges, and exchanging best practices within the dynamically evolving security landscape.

Featuring over 40 distinguished speakers and panelists with diverse backgrounds, CSP2024 assures attendees an in-depth exploration of the latest cybersecurity trends, threats, and solutions. Anticipated to draw over 400 senior security experts from various sectors across the country, the conference will bring together representatives from fields including financial institutions, retail, IT, healthcare, public sector, enterprises, and consumer businesses, fostering the sharing of insights and expertise.

Complementing the discussions, an exhibition area will showcase approximately 20 exhibitors, presenting cutting-edge technologies and innovations in the global security industry.

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