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Gaming has become a premier form of digital entertainment. Online gaming allows real-time interaction among several users. There are several unaddressed vulnerabilities in these games. The security for these games should be strengthened before releasing them into the market. The developer company should ensure that the design and architecture has no loopholes and continuously tests it for security issues. Hackers can exploit vulnerabilities using several techniques, such as reverse engineering, application tampering, cheats, and vandalism. Most gaming applications have poor binary protection, making them vulnerable to piracy. Some games have in-app purchase options. Customers enter their credit card information or bank account details. Any vulnerability in such apps can result in the compromise of vital customer information.

Developer companies should employ runtime protection for games. This prevents reverse engineering and application tampering. White box encryption solutions can protect and mask static and dynamic keys. A strong digital rights management (DRM) system has to be established. The companies should ensure that the game is secure across all platforms. They should understand the need and importance of security and make sure that they employ the best techniques and solutions to avoid any vulnerabilities in the games.