Icarus M
Wemade Service

Icarus M is a wonderful multiplayer game for those who want to touch magic and fly into the sky! This game will engross you with its unique nature! A wonderful story taking place just in front of your eyes and with your direct participation. You have a chance to change the flow of events and become the hero of this world. It does not matter what you prefer - power of magic or power of sword because you can conquer any summit with the help of your fellows.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms: The Legend of CaoCao (Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Global)
Nexon (Thingsoft)

The big hit from 1998, Romance of the Three Kingdoms: The Legend of CaoCao is back, now in mobile. It offers diverse, rich content, with a remake of the original game and PVP multi-player mode. An accredited episode of the KOEI's Romance of the Three Kingdoms series is reborn as an online game on its 30th anniversary! Enjoy this masterpiece of the SRPG genre - now on your mobile phone!

Dodge Danpei: En Shoot no Densetsu

Hono no Tokyuji: Dodge Danpei is released as mobile game. Experience the scene of your childhood memories right now on your mobile. In addition to a story mode that reproduces the great storytelling of the original You can also enjoy the challenge mode and the tower of infinity that are necessary for your own players. Collect the legendary players to organize your own best decks and build your best team.

Man or Vampire

Paradise: a mysterious world where dead souls gathers.
Now that the end of the paradise is imminent because of the vampires who were ruling the frontiers,
only the king of the paradise can save it from the crisis.
Now, an adventure is to become the king of the paradise begins.

Phantom Chaser
Floppygames Inc.

The Epic PHAN-tasy RPG with Award-Winning stunning graphics is now open to the Global Audience! Get ready to greet a bunch of infamous Phantoms from myths & legends around the globe!
Explore the world of Phantom Chaser and lead your team to victory against the evil force once and for all!

Sakura Wars: Sakura no Uta

After the battle with the powerful lord Nobunaga, the world was enjoying a brief period of peace when the Gate of the Underworld presented another threat to its existence. In order to close the Gate and save the world from destruction, a special team has been assembled under the command of a new leader with special abilities. And that commander is you! So get ready to fight powerful creatures that come through the gate to plunge our world into the primal darkness.

Heroes Of Dynasty
Redbana Philippine

You owe it to yourself to experience the most breathtaking visuals and awe-inspiring action combat this side of the Great Wall! With over 300 unique characters, fighting traitorous imperial rebels has never been this satisfying on your phone. No other game comes even close so don’t wait and join the war in HEROES OF DYNASTY.


Be called the Liberty hero of many countries to save the world from the chaos of the priests. Tanker, fighter, ranger, caster, healer, supporters six distinctive classes. It is not comparable to a game in which an ordinary monster appears when it is drawn. Enjoy a full voice scenario! Famous voice actor big appointment! An interesting story that goes with full voice!


Three Kingdoms: Infinity challenge


'Three Kingdoms: Infinity challenge' is a game that expresses the battle of the heroes of the Three Kingdoms over time and space in a dynamic and glamorous way.
Not only collect and nurture characters, but also experience various modes of PvE and PvP such as mission mode, one-on-one battle, siege.

Grow Palson


It's so easy to let go, you do not have to learn anything. Palson fires more bullets as they get stronger. Just leave it, do not erase it.

Reverse D


Reverse D allows you to perform diverse actions such as attacks from the air, dodging, counterattacks, and finish skills by using manipulations optimized for mobile devices. The ‘Hero Tag System’ lets you enjoy various strategies and the excitement of combining heroes. By changing the hero at a specific moment, you can achieve different tag-team effects that can have a great impact on the outcome of the battle.

Rebirth King: IDLE RPG


The heroes are constantly fighting and developing even when you are not there. Discover countless heroes fighting in constant battles with their spectacular skills! This is not your average lazy RPG that is easy to complete. If stage progression becomes too tough, use [Reincarnation] to become even stronger! Defeat other users and take the top rank! Enjoy the great variety of heroes with diverse skills and the battles with different play modes. No two battles will ever be the same.


Venus Entertainment

The world has been taken over by huge mutant bugs. Help humanity in the battle for survival! Take part in incredible gunfights. Experience a strategic gameplay based on the specifics of the SR/SG/SMG/AR guns. Enjoy the original story cinematics in sleek 3D. The QTE system allows you to directly participate in cinematic battles.

Rebirth King: Epic Indian Heroes - Idle RPG Game

Zepetto India LLP

An awesome strategy battle game, Rebirth King lets you choose from a host of Gods worshipped in India as heroes, pitched against formidable demons. Rich in features and equipped with AI and captivating graphics, Rebirth King offers hours of entertainment at no cost – yes, it is available free of cost on Google Play Store.

Subway GoGo!

Strawberry Studio

Become a young operator and increase your status by driving the subway train! How high can you get? Make the train as long as you can! Compete with other users for global ranking! Transport the passengers using the shortest path to gain renown and become the best engineer! Complete requests and improve your reputation! Once you're ready, earn the international license and expand your business overseas!

School: Legend Heroes


Emperor Ming and justice - the School! Discover endless dungeons with Legend Heroes. Collect the best heroes and legendary items! The ultimate battle for an ancient legendary book! Enjoy the never-ending interactive story of the Heroes! Try fast-paced heated strategic battles and create your own collection in this unique RPG, capturing the summoners of the fantasy world.

Munchkin.io - Battle Royal

Crows Studio

Countless arrows are aimed at you in this dark wilderness… You can run… or fight! It’s your choice!

GoGoPang - New Free Block Match Puzzle Run Game

Red Turtle Games

Use your skill to help these cute little things go further. Match blocks, connect them, and break them up to modify your characters, and collect coins to help them grow. Collect characters with different abilities. Avoid traps, and use items to get to the checkpoints faster, where you will get rewards from treasure chests.

Eye for an eye


Enjoy the game and get gold just by watching some ads, and use the gold to change character attributes. You can have fun in the PVP mode even without investing too much in the stats. The best experience is through the PVE. The visualizations will allow you to feel the shock even in the muted mode. We've managed to preserve the special touch using dazzling visual effects and shaking screen animations.

Legend Heroes: The Academy

Appguru Technology Pte Ltd

Taking you on a journey and enter the vast world of Legend Heroes with captivating stories! Win awesome battle rewards on your way to claiming the ultimate victory with your heroes in this legendary game! The world's destiny is in your hands!Legend Heroes: The Academy is currently available in English language.

Blade Knights HD - Another World


Blade Knights is a collection-oriented strategy battle RPG. Blade Knights by Game Tales, Inc. stands out from other similar games with its distinctive elements that appeal to many players and unique world view. The game provides smooth 3D graphics, action-packed battles and strategies of various heroes, and much more for players to enjoy!


HanbitSoft Inc

Advanced Shooting RPG! Brilliant and splendid mechanical action! Extensive stage and endless advanture! Unique and various character! 3 VS 3 real time multi play! Experience thrilling action right now!



Steam punk style ornate Mobile Action RPG!Unfolding in vast background action RPG. Not a medieval fantasy canned. Experience the same huge scale that replaced the universe. Realize that beyond the glitz action! Reality battle action that looks like a real battlefield!

Soul of Heroes


Experience easy and rapid growth, with diverse strategies and tactics! With the real-time world alliance battle, test yourself in the global arena, among a variety of cultures and engaging characters from all over the world! Enjoy easy collection and growth, as well as strategic battles with different types of troops! Experience mobile strategy of an unprecedented scale!