In-App Agent

Enabling AppSealing is as simple as uploading an APK. AppSealing automatically monitors the application in real-time. It doesn’t require any configuration or maintenance. There’s no better place to identify attacks than directly inside the application. AppSealing’s dynamic technology proactively defends against tampering and reverse-engineering to protect game logic and the integrity of your game's brand and assets.

AppSealing Protection Power

Correlating information at the lowest level of the execution, AppSealing stops attack, with a nearly invisible impact on performance. AppSealing’s unique in-app approach won't block legitimate traffic. AppSealing uses a variety of techniques, including encryption, in order to maintain the client code confidential and to prevent any unauthorized changes to program functionality.

Monitoring and Action

AppSealing Developer Console (ADC) gives you a snapshot of all the security events in your game and helps you focus on what really matters. An attack detail will show the hacking type, the device, the OS version and country where it originates from.

All you need to know

APK size

The size increase depends on the initial application file size. Most of our users see an average increase of 2-4 MB.

Memory overhead

We strive to keep memory overhead as low as possible, by storing as little information as is necessary.

Game loading time

Our tests and most of users report a nominal increase of 2 seconds in the app initial loading time. The game-play and game performance remain unaltered.

Network overhead

AppSealing works from inside your game, and does not redirect any of your traffic. Thus, AppSealing introduces no network overhead.

CPU overhead

AppSealing agent doesn't impact CPU usage.

Battery overhead

AppSealing security has no impact on battery consumption.

No dependency on AppSealing

The agent is not dependent on the availability of AppSealing’s servers. Once a session is started and has been authorized by AppSealing, it will keep your app protected at any time upon termination.

Respect of user's privacy

AppSealing does not collect any kind of user information. Only a few android.permission are required for the service to operate properly:

ㆍINTERNET => Internet access
ㆍSYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW => Message display