AppSealing protects your game

AppSealing’s dynamic technology proactively defends against tampering and reverse-engineering to protect game logic and the integrity of your game's brand and assets. AppSealing uses a variety of techniques, including encryption, in order to maintain the client code confidential and to prevent any unauthorized changes to program functionality.



Access game process, assets and code through the use of debugger tools


Break into binary to access game source code

Memory dump

Analyzing memory to access and steal data from it

Code analysis

Access code and find weak points to attack


Code modification/Injection

Alter the game functionalities to benefit the hacker

Malware and Repackaging

Insert malicious code and publish repackaged game in order to harvest revenue

API hooking

Alter the game behavior by instrumenting and modifying the behavior and flow of API calls.

Game cheat tools

Memory modification

Manipulate data on memory to unfairly benefit the cheating player

In-app Billing hack

Bypassing the in-app billing verification process in order to unlock payable items

Auto macro play

Automating touch in game play

Speed hack tool

Giving cheaters great advantage over others by allowing them to control the game speed

Stability, compatibility and performance

We relentlessly and continuously test our security solution within our mobile device lab in order to ensure stability and compatibility.

Market devices

Continuous testing on the most popular Android devices

Android OS version

Compatible with Android 4.x to 7.x

CPU architecture

Fully compatible with the ARM and x86 chip architectures


No impact on battery consumption

Game performance

No impact on your game's performance

Deep understanding of the gaming industry

AppSealing works seamlessly with developer's and player's favorite tools.
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Protect your Unity game and assets
Apteligent (Crittercism)

Apteligent (Crittercism)

Securely monitor your game with Apteligent
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One-stop security implementation using Jenkins
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Allow your users to play your secured game on Android emulator
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Your secured game played in one of the popular Android emulator
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One Store ARM

Publish your game on ONE store without any hassle

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